Specialisation Areas

In recruitment of the scale that we operate, specialisation is the key to efficiency. And considering the diversity of categories and segments we cater to, it is only natural that we develop a bank of specialists. We identify and place some of the most cutting edge people across industries, across disciplines, across countries and continents.

Sometimes it so happens that when these proven professionals retire, we hire them back to head a relevant division utilizing their experience and expertise to hire more like them. This translates as an unmatched strength when hiring in specialised.

Specialised Industry Group
For reasons of functional efficiency, we've structured our operations into 11 specialised Industry groups. Each group is headed by a Recruitment Manager who is handpicked from the respective industry and chosen for his expertise and experience. The RM is independently and totally responsible for the relevant group's activities, including the process flow from job description to joining of employee. The RM reports to the Deputy General Manager (Recruitment).