Client & Employer FAQ’s

  1. What are your methods of sourcing?

    As the first step, we access and review the client’s requirements, study the detailed JDs in order to arrive at the most appropriate method of sourcing, which is discussed and finalized with the client before implementation. Our sourcing methods are as detailed below :

    • » Advertisement & Selection: Designing and releasing targeted ads to reach & connect with the desired candidate audience – can be print, online, and outdoor, radio, personal mailers, etc.

    • » Database (Internal/External): Deploying our internal database or procuring external database as per requirements of the project.

    • » Headhunting: People who are able to connect with people.

    • » Networking: Recruiters get into one to one promotion of the opportunity through various Social / Personal media or network.

    • » Job Fairs: Focussed Job fairs near large pools of relevant / required talent availability.

    • » Field Sourcing: Blue collared categories react favourably to well written pamphlets that are distributed one to one at / near their areas of work or social congregations.

  2. How do you evaluate or check the Quality of CVs / Candidates.
    • » The underlying guiding principle of JVG’s delivery is our ability to engage with the client and understand & further break down the desired profile’s Job Descriptions into 10 most relevant shortlist criteria inclusive of the qualifications and required job experience for that position – each candidate must possess to get shortlisted for a position.

    • » Each of these 10 criteria’s are allocated a numeric weightage and every single applicant’s CV is evaluated against these 10 points. The total marks earned by each applicant or CV decides their ranking in the shortlist.

    • » The top 3 or 5 CVs – as per our contractual requirements – are send to client for final shortlisting.

    • » This practice is commonly followed for each assignment, irrespective of the location of the Applicant or our Sourcing Team.

    • » The above process allows us to guarantee consistency in our delivery quality.

  3. List the countries from where you can help us source candidates. Would you be able help us advertise, arrange the interviews and process the selected candidates? We are looking for a single solution provider.
    • » We have major presence and offices in the India, UAE, KSA, Kuwait, India & Nepal and have strong associate network across 37 other global hotspots to assist sourcing from across South & South East Asia, Middle East & North Africa, North & South America, Western & Eastern Europe including the CIS countries & Australasia – we have been successfully sourcing candidates from these regions on a continuous basis.

    • » We have established robust & speedy candidates processing facilities in all these regions, ensure sourcing country legalities like POE / MOL approvals etc. to assist speedy on-boarding of candidates.

    • » Our media offshoot,, a global employment communications specialised advertising agency helps us to effectively communicate with the candidates across the entire region as above, using most relevant newspapers, portals, radio etc.

    • » Our corporate travel arm , an IATA travel agency specializing in Global Corporate Travel Solutions allows us to undertake cost effective hotel bookings and air travel arrangements for both client delegates and candidates travel.

    • » Our specialized relocation team and experts at in each region ensures complete pre-flight briefing and cultural acclimatization, especially to the first time candidates till the client location to make the entire process a smooth and hassle-free experience for our candidates and clients alike.

    • » As you can see – we are an end-to-end global recruitment solutions provider.

  4. Do you have technically qualified Recruiters?
    • » Yes, for each industry vertical , we have a senior industry professionals with HR and recruitment background heading the sourcing team. They are supported by Team Leaders and under whom there are recruiters and other support staff, all of whom work as a cohesive group for the industry vertical.

    • » The above combination allow us to effectively discharge our role as our client’s HR consultant through evaluation and execution of industry specialized recruitment has helped us attain the leadership position during our 35 years of existence.

  5. What are your reporting Formats?

    • » The entire recruitment process is supported and controlled through various reporting formats.

    • » Starting with a tentative time schedule report - that details timelines needed for completion of each recruitment activity, followed with weekly candidate short-listing status reports, candidate processing status reports post interviews and selection, etc., these are some of the many carefully developed reports that help us control complex & globally spread recruitment assignments as well keep all stakeholders on the same page.

    • » Many of our larger clients have their own Recruitment / HR software and they need us to upload candidate profiles & recruitment status on their systems electronically – this is very much possible and our backend Recruitment Software allows seamless integration with client’s HR software.

    • » The ISO 9000 documentation process we have, ensures rendering a world class service to our discerning clients in a documented auditable manner.

    • » A detailed presentation explaining the utilisation of each of the reports with prior examples are an essential set of pre contract documents which we submit to all our clients – this also allows the respective operations teams to synchronize and work in a cohesive manner - like one organisation.

  6. Do you have experience in recruiting for similar Industries?
    • » Our group specializes in recruiting for 11 prime industry verticals and within the same there are numerous skills / job profiles per industry.

    • » New clients are provided with a full Technical Pre-Qualification that details our experience in working with clients in the same industry.

    • » Our 3 decades + long recruiting experience for GCC employers usually covers all / any position you have in mind, however, we would like to revert more accurately, please mail your query to

  7. What are your Service Charges?
    • » We need to understand your requirements & selections from our service offerings list under “Services” before quoting our best rates.

    • » We would like to assure that we follow established industry norms and are highly competitive.

    • » Having self-owned offices, most processes being in-house, less dependence on outsourcing, are factors that enables us to control our costs at the same time have control on quality of delivery to our clients.

  8. Do we need to deal with multiple staff & departments?
    • » After signing of contract, we introduce a CSM (Client Service Manager) to our client who acts as a single point of contact for all operational requirements.

    • » Your CSM is the one who will interact with all our internal teams and provide feedbacks to you at regular intervals as regards status / progress.

  9. In case a candidates leaves, do you provide replacement?
    • » Yes we do provide a free of charge replacement in case a candidate leaves within 3 months, post their deployment.