For Gulf Employers

With the GDP growth of the Gulf countries expected to grow from 3.4% to 4.3% by 2014/Revised GDP, placement opportunities are expected to grow tremendously in these countries. During this trend, every company would want to exploit the market of qualified staff from around the world.

This is where Jerry Varghese plays an important role. We have been acting as a point of contact between the employer and employee since the last 25 years, making the entire recruitment procedure simple and easy. With successfully recruiting over thousands of candidates abroad, our vast client portfolio and experience spreads across 6 Gulf countries, which provides a larger scope for job seekers abroad. These countries include Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE, KSA and Bahrain.

That's not all, our thorough knowledge about the recruitment procedures in the Gulf countries has helped us overcome the recruitment challenges set by these countries.

We also serve as a single point of contact between employers and aspirants, where in people who seek advice and suggestions based on recruitment and travel related procedures in the Gulf countries, can get accurate information from us or directly from their employers. Due to the main challenge of time and the country of employment & origin legal prerequisites, a gulf employer requires JV to expedite the recruitment process and serve as an effective facilitator in fulfilling all the work visa application guidelines. Please contact us on or complete the Client Enquiry Form