Instant Jobs Dubai

Employers in the UAE who wish to hire locally available talent to staff junior or semi-skilled positions like Office Assistants, Clerks, Drivers, Electricians, Store hands etc., usually face the problem of plenty. Yes, it is true, even a small advertisement in the local newspapers brings in large number of applicants and CVs, and yet it is impossible to select even a few candidates whose skills, experience and salary expectations matches with that of the employer’s. Scanning through the CVs and meeting all the walk-ins itself needs dedicated staff and critical management time. Then there are other parameters like nationality, candidate’s current visa status, status vis-à-vis previous employer, dealing with MOH & Labour, visit visa candidates & candidates on spouses / parents visa, all these are important criteria for the right hire decision.

We at Jerry Varghese understand these complexities & challenges faced by the UAE employers, and to service them, have dedicated a separate team & office at Gharoud, the heart of Dubai.

Local employers in the UAE, desirous of hiring from the local market, may please write to, do mention your full requirements, shortlist criteria and contact details. You will be pleased to deal with our team of specialists who are eager to understand your precise requirements and provide instant and workable plans for you… and yes very cost effective ones too.