Upcoming Gulf Recruitment Events

At Jerry Varghese, we conduct dedicated recruitment drives from time to time. This allows us to concentrate on a sunrise industry, for example, or meet the sudden demands of a client. These drives also enable candidates to avail of unusual recruitment opportunities. If they happen to answer the criteria specified by the client, it could turn out to be the chance of a lifetime. Please visit this link periodically to appraise yourself of our recruitment drives. Or you may lose out on what could be a golden opportunity.

Job Fairs

Job Fairs are an effective way to invite job seekers to meet their preferred employers in a location and environment convenient and comfortable for both parties. Our clients have identified a job fair as a value proposition for their recruitment needs. Our fairs provide the client a qualitative and quantitative response, a definite participation by job seekers, ease of securing a candidate (selection) and a comparatively cost effective approach to attracting, connecting and recruiting.

The job seekers are given an opportunity to meet with employers and professional recruiters from Jerry Varghese, attend an information session, and collect a Jerry Varghese job catalogue and a promotional subscription offer with Jerry Varghese weekly employment newspaper, Employment & NRI Times. Presently the theme of our job fair is Gulf oriented and they are conducted across India. If you would like to be part of a Jerry Varghese job fair or would like us to organize an exclusive job fair for your specific manpower requirements, please contact us at jobfairs@jvi-global.com you are requested to view the photographs of various job fairs we have conducted in India.