Job Description

Company Profile
They were established with the merging of the leading manufacturers of electrical products in pursuit of a common goal; to satisfy growing demand of electrical equipment in the Kingdom. Two reputed electrical companies each with a reputation for strategic vision, outstanding craftsmanship and a high profile multi-national client base, combined to form an innovative alliance with dedication, loyalty and commitment at its core. They meet the challenges of a rapidly changing industry with courage and a leadership spirit that invests in sustainable solutions for the benefit of generations to come.
Job Description

Inventory Controller

Main Responsibilities:

-        Monitor & evaluate min. stock levels of materials.

-        Maintain inventory at optimum level to prevent under or over investment in inventory.
-        Develop / suggest processes & systems to reduce inventory, minimize cost & maximize working capital
-        Provide accurate, current inventory data for purchasing decisions

-        Coordinate with related departments to ensure timely utilization of slow moving materials

-        Monitor & evaluate consumables usage & cost

-        Monitor & evaluate material utilization & scrap

-        Perform cycle stock checks

-        Develop  / suggest  processes & systems to improve accuracy of physical count

-        Ensure work orders are fully completed  / closed & all costs have been allocated to the jobs correctly

-        Provide periodic reports to higher management to ensure critical areas of stock are monitored & controlled and any abnormality is addressed & resolved.

Experience & Skills:

-        Min. 5 experience in inventory management / material planning / purchase & in manufacturing environment

-        Full understanding of ERP & MRP systems

-        Experience in Kanban. JIT & other stock methods  

-        Strong Analytical  / problem solving skills

-        Strong communication skills

-        Background in logistics & lead times of foreign purchases

Min. Education Requirement:

-        4 Years BS degree in Electrical engineering / management / business administration / accounting / etc      

Date of Posting 10-Sep-2019
Industry Type Manufacturing
Educational Qualification -NA-
Specialization -NA-
Total Experience 4 yrs.
Country of Employment Saudi Arabia