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Operation Lead Engineer - JRE23745
Company Profile
A Leading Electricity and water company in Qatar and the Arabian gulf region which owns and operates a vast network of power generation and water desalination stations in Qatar.
Job Description

Job Title:    Operation Lead Engineer

Department: Production Department     Section/Unit:  

Direct Supervisor:  Operation Manager


Job Description and key Responsibilities


The position of Operation Lead Engineer is to lead directly the team of Shift Team Leader, Control Room Engineer, Field Engineer 2 and Field Engineer 3 in Operating the plant safely and efficiently, and as per the approved Standard Operating procedures and OEM supplied Operation manuals. Shall ensure implicit compliance to safety and environment regulations by his entire team and shall Manage the staffing of the Generation and Desalination operation team. 


Ensure Company Health, Safety, and Environmental policies and procedures followed.

Participate in internal/external Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality audits and acts on any relevant findings

Job Responsibilities:


Over all responsible for Operation of all the Power Generation and Water Desalination facilities of RAF stations as per the approved Standard Operating procedures and OEM manuals.

Administers and oversees adherence to plant safety (in order to maintain injury/incident free environment), operations and administrative programs and procedures.

Authorize to perform 132kV/ 220kV switching & dealing with NCC.

Authorize to manipulate Forwarding as per requirement & conditions and dealing with TCC/KM.

Coordinate on daily basis with the Shift Team Leader to facilitate Dispatch of the plant as per the Off-taker requirements.

Assist operation manager in Short & long term strategic planning in operational areas to meet the targeted power & water demand of Kahramaa according to PWPA and to ensure all the operational activities are carried out as per the OEM recommendations and as per approved SOP.

Shall ensure that the plant operation complies with the PWPA requirements and does not deviate from the technical limits.

Submit daily plant declarations to KM in the agreed formats, which shall be

the basis of dispatch and availability reconciliation.

Coordinate with the System control regularly for securing dispatch instructions and outage permission as and when required.

Responsible for the operation of a work permit system. This work permit system is controlled by the shift teams according to safety and operating procedures.

Carry out daily plant Inspection and audits to identify risks and breach of safety protocols

Coordinate on a daily basis with the Maintenance for the day-to-day breakdown and PM works and in Plant trouble shooting during breakdowns.

Coordinate with Planning in scheduling the outage plan and ensure that the Work permits issued in line with the agreed planning program.

Monitor the Defects initiated and prioritize them as per plant requirement.

Ensure that suitably trained staff is placed in correct work locations to avoid Human error and loss of productions or Plant/Asset damages.

Submit daily Management information and reports in prescribed format.

Manage staffing of the Operation Generation effectively and ensure training facilitated.

Responsible for training Qataris in all aspects of Operation in all stations  and ensure that they fully trained to take independent charge for current approved and future higher positions.

Shall ensure that he and his team coordinate with any work related to new projects and complete the project document review and comment in time

Shall be available 24/7 on call for official works in case of plant emergencies.




Job Title Operation Lead Engineer
Date of Posting 31-Mar-2021
Industry Type Power And Utility / Energy
Educational Qualification -NA-
Specialization -NA-
Total Experience 15 yrs.
Country of Employment Qatar