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Contract Specialist - JRE28668
Company Profile
It is in Qatar responsible for the planning, design, procurement, construction, delivery, and asset management of all infrastructure projects and public buildings in Qatar. Their key responsibilities include governing the design, construction, and management of major projects including roads, drainage and buildings such as public buildings, schools and hospitals.
Job Description

Provide professional advice, expertise and practical assistance to PWA’s DNO&M in all tendering / contractual matters during the tendering and procurement stage.
  Review of pre-tender documentation including all required pre-approvals, tender plan form, BOQ, SOW and draft tender volumes, Ensure that all embedded information are in line with PWA regulations and procedures.

 Review the content of tender circulars and tender clarifications and ensure that tender clarifications are issued in a timely manner and captures the clarifications with adequate clarity.
Review technical and financial evaluation reports and provide advices and recommendations.

 Prepare draft contract documents by incorporating the effect of all tender circulars negotiations, clarifications and qualifications accepted by PWA.

Check anomalies/discrepancies, if any, in the tender document and ensure consistency throughout various sections of the tender document. Identify the most suitable pricing mechanism for a given scope of work, i.e. lump sum, re-measured, cost-plus, escalation factor, exchange fluctuations etc. taking into account the intended contract duration.
Ensure tender documents meet PWA standards, and risk assessment and risk mitigation measures are adequately identified, addressed and managed in accordance with PWA HSE Risk Management Guidelines.
Ensure that Tender Circular are processed and issued in a timely manner.
Ensure security of pricing information and confidentiality of commercial evaluation.
 Develop internal processes and solution using MS Access, Excel and other PWA programming software.

Review the draft contract documents and provide comments and recommendation to PWA Contract Department.

Provide practical assistance for effective negotiation including preparation of management briefs during financial negotiations of bidders with PWA’s tender committees,.
Ensure that bid evaluations are conducted in a fair and ethical manner and are consistent with the terms and conditions of tenders, PWA’s Policies and Guidelines and the evaluation criteria apply equitably to all received bids.
Issue and Monitor the Variations requested by DNOMD / ROMD projects.

Coordinate the Variations with internal involved departments and sections (ESD, Legal Affairs, and Finance Department etc.).

Ensure completing the Variation application as per department KPIs and follow PWA changes in internal processes and workflow.

Coordinate with Contractor to keep required contractual documents updated during the project period.

Raise any issues that require consideration to the Contracts Advisor / Expert for advice on actions/ recommendations.

Perform other duties/tasks as required

Job Title Contract Specialist
Date of Posting 03-Oct-2023
Industry Type EPC
Educational Qualification -NA-
Specialization -NA-
Total Experience 15 yrs.
Country of Employment Qatar