Visa Processing & Relocation

What makes getting job opportunities abroad a complicated Process?

Apart from a perfect CV and matching work experience, successful Overseas Employment demands meticulous planning, perfect documentation & its attestation from all the specified authorities – like Education Certificates, Marriage & Birth Certificates of spouse / kids, attestation & verification by the Board or University, Local government, Ministry of Education, Embassy Stamping etc. etc. One also needs other Logistical support including airline ticketing, hotel stay, Forex, travel advisory etc. In order to avoid last minute disappointments costing both money and opportunity, it is always advisable to seek professional help and ensure perfect documentation.

For 35 years, we at Jerry Varghese Global, have ensured all the above for thousands of skilled and semi-skilled workers, who have successfully travelled and joined their overseas assignment. All these highly specialized services are now available to you or your family members as a paid service offering.

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