1. Who can apply for this position?
    Our client's ideal candidate will be a GNM / BSC Trained Nurse with a min. of 12 months experience and IELTS/OET passed.
2. What is the requirement for English Language Proficiency?
    Language proficiency.The NMC requires nurses to have reached a high level of English language proficiency before registration can commence. The requirement is IELTS Academic at level 7 (or above in all 4 areas)or OET at level B (or above in all 4 areas).
ELTS 7 in each component or OET B in each component. IELTS and OET can be a combination of two test results. We can consider candidates for the interview with min. individual score of 6.5 and willing to re-apply to achieve the required score of 7 or B in each component.
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3. Do we need to apply for any other exams after get shortlisted?
Yes, you must complete a self-assessment of your eligibility to apply prior to begin the application of NMC Reqgistration
How to Apply: Go to
Click on Register/Sign up - Sign up as a New Applicant for Registrered Nurse[Adult-General]
4. Once the NMC has confirmed your Eligibility and you have received your authorization to test (ATT),you may book your CBT.
    Test of Competence (Part One)
    How to Apply: Go to
5.After passing the CBT exam, what is next step?
As soon as you pass the CBT you must submit you dcuments to the NMC as required on the NMC website. One the Documents have been submitted the NMC will take approximately 70 days to verify these documents and issue the decision letter. This letter is the NMCs decision informing you that you are able to register as a nurse in the UK.
6. How much does it cost for processing and what is the duration of processing time?
It is absolutely free, No Service Charge and No Placement Fee. In three months you will travel to UK
7.Can I accompany my spouse and kids along with me?
You will travel first and after getting the NMC License you can bring your family
Visit the websites regularly for updates concerning requirements & policies