To live and work in the UK is a dream shared by many people. Britain is highly developed country, where jobs are relatively well-paid, individual rights are respected and work conditions are subject to rules which do not exist in many other countries.
The economy is big and full of life!
This visa is for applicants who have received a jobs offer in the UK.The applicant needs to have a certificate of sponsorship from a licensed sponsor before applying to come to the UK to work. Having this visa allows the applicant to stay for approximately 5 years maximum. The applicant can also apply for an extension of 5 years as long as his/her total stay does not exceed 6 years.
Applicant is entitled to:
  • Work for his / her sponsor in the job described in the certificate of sponsorship
  • Do a second job in the same profession and at the same level as the main job for up to 20 hours per week
  • Do a job which has a shortage of workers in the UK for up to 20 hours per week
  • Do voluntary work
  • Study as long as it doesn't interfere with the sponsored job
  • Travel abroad and return to the UK
  • Bring family members
  • Flights paid for by the hospital
  • Free 2 Months Accommodation
  • NHS Pension Plan
  • Full time position
  • Assistance with opening a bank account
  • 27 days annual leave (+ public holidays)
  • IELTS, CBT, OSCE test cost refunded
  • Career progression training
  • Free phone sim on arrival
  • Salaries based on their current experience- starting from £ 22128
  • B.Sc or Diploma in Nursing
  • 1 year + experience from a busy acute hospital.
  • The candidates having worked in JCI accredited hospitals would be a plus
  • The candidate must have at least 1 year recent experience in their specialty chosen area